Today's challenges cannot be solved with conventional approaches.

So we set out to build something different. Innovative and forward-looking. Sometimes people redefine lifestyles. We listen… by keeping abreast of changing needs, now and in the future. We fuse the inspiring and the practical, building homes that one can be proud of, and commercial spaces that investors see good returns.

As we engage with a fast-evolving world we all seek assurance, stability and happiness.

We build for life. Through user-centric thinking and planning, we incorporate design features and shared facilities that promote a healthy lifestyle, and the enjoyment of living and working. We build for life with quality materials and construction that will endure with time. Happiness comes when you have a solid foundation.



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27th Floor, Menara JKG

No. 282, Jalan Raja Laut

50350 Kuala Lumpur



TEL      +603 2775 8688

FAX      +603 2775 8633